Cherishing Peace with ‘Peacemaker’ Stars John Cena and Jennifer Holland

Today is the day! DC’s Peacemaker is finally here, streaming now on HBO Max! All this week we’ve had the pleasure of bringing you some ridiculously fun interviews with the stars and producers of of the series. But today, in celebration of Peacemaker Premiere Day, we are proud to present to you our interview with Peacemaker and Harcourt themselves: John Cena and Jennifer Holland!

Ever since we were introduced to them in The Suicide Squad, Cena and Holland have crushed their respective roles. And Peacemaker the series manages to evolve both characters in such a profound, fully developed way. Thus it was an honor to speak to both of them about the fantastic feminism and character growth the series is giving us!

Check out what they had to say about it here:

Peacemaker really is one of those shows that fully displays the true strengths of its cast and crew. And at the forefront of it are the brilliant performances of Cena and Holland. We absolutely cannot wait for you to see these two superstars shine!

Peacemaker is now on HBO Max! Switch this brilliant, insane series on as soon as you get a chance!

And stay tuned for our roundtable discussion with series creator and storyteller extraordinaire, James Gunn tomorrow, only on The Nerds of Color!