Stealing the Show with ‘Peacemaker’ Star Alison Araya

Hey nerds! Just when you thought we were done with Peacemaker… surprise! We have one more interview to share with you all. Hopefully, everyone has seen the first three episodes that premiered on Thursday. If not, you need to get on that immediately so you can check out Alison Araya’s scene stealing performance in Episode 2.

For those who have caught up with the show so far, you’ll remember Araya as Amber — one half of the couple Peacemaker takes hostage in the second episode, who shares a bit of chemistry with the maker of peace himself (much to the chagrin of her husband, Evan, played by a hilarious Lennie Jacobson).

To say Araya and Jacobson steal the scene with absolute hilarity would be an absolute understatement. They prove to be standouts in a series full of standouts, and you can check out the aforementioned scene in the clip here:

We were incredibly lucky to get time with Araya to talk about her performance on the show, our prospects on when we’ll see Amber again, and her chemistry with John Cena.

Check out our exclusive interview with her right here:

Don’t forget to check out Peacemaker, now playing on HBO Max, and Araya’s new movie Brazen also streaming now on Netflix!

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