New Posters for ‘The Batman’ Signal the Coming of Vengeance

We are a little over a month and a half away from the most anticipated movie of the year, The Batman! And while we’ve been fortunate enough to get a fair amount of trailers with some epic footage so far, we haven’t seen that many posters for the upcoming movie. Well apparently, WB and DC felt the same way, because they dropped two pieces of artwork today for their big tentpole release of the year.

One poster features Batman and Catwoman (wow you can even feel the chemistry from this static piece of artwork). And the other is a nice up close and personal headshot of Batman himself, striking fear into the hearts of evil-doers with his intimidating Twilight-y stare! Take a look at the new artwork here:

I seriously cannot wait for this one! Thank goodness, March 4 is just around the corner!

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