New Posters for ‘The Batman’ and First Look at Selina Kyle

One more day, y’all! Tomorrow DC FanDome finally hits, meaning we’re so, so close to getting a new trailer for The Batman.

Because they didn’t spoil us enough yesterday, director Matt Reeves and DC decided to debut the first posters for the upcoming film, as well as a stunning first look at Zoe Kravitz’s Selina Kyle!

Here are a look at the posters for Batman and Riddler here:

And here’s the first look at Kravitz’s Selina Kyle:

After so many different iterations across the past few years, The Batman is certainly looking to carve out its own identity to other interpretations of the Batman mythos. I’m loving the red and black color scheme of the entire campaign. And it’s looking like a much darker, crime noir driven focus than any of the other films that have come before it, and that gets me excited!

Reeves has gone on the record to state this will be more of a detective story than previous films, and that’s EXACTLY what I have always wanted to see! After all, there’s a reason the series is called Detective Comics right? We just haven’t seen it in this much depth until now!

Remember to tune into DC FanDome tomorrow for the next amazing full trailer for The Batman.

And mark your calendars for March 4, 2022, when The Batman hits theaters everywhere!

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