Squad Up with a New Trailer for ‘The Suicide Squad’

We got a new trailer for The Suicide Squad coming in hot, people! Apparently there was some confusion and the entire thing “leaked” today, causing mass chaos on Twitter. But now director James Gunn, himself, has just tweeted it out, so it’s now out in the open, you can now see everything Laura Sirikul described in her article for yourselves. It’s definitely your mission to watch it all and enjoy with a big-ass smile on your face, like I did! 😀

Check it out here now:

As Laura noted, and as you just saw, the new trailer gives us a bit of a larger glimpse at what the Squad’s main mission is, which seems to be putting an end to “Project Starfish” which apparently means some bad guys are planning to unleash Starro! We get some great bits with Bloodsport, Rat Catcher 2, Peacemaker, and even a few lines from Pete Davidson’s Black Guard and Nathan Fillion’s TDK!

Additionally, WB also dropped a new poster for the film which you can see below!

I honestly don’t care what most humorless cynics think. I’m loving the dark sense of humor and the Gunn-ism’s already! This movie can’t come out soon enough!

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max August 6!

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