Exclusive NOC Interview: All-In with Mayling Ng of ‘The Suicide Squad’

Don’t let the orange prosthetics and tough alien warrior demeanor fool you! Deep down, The Suicide Squad‘s Mayling Ng is a generous, gorgeous, artistic, hard-working actress who…. yes…. can kick the ass of any action star in Hollywood!

Ng, who plays Mongal, in the highly anticipated upcoming film (whose latest trailer just dropped today), sat down with us and gave us an amazing, in-depth interview about what it’s like to be part of The Squad, part of the Amazons, part of the Power Rangers, work with James Gunn, and perhaps, be a beacon of hope for diversity among the typical action stars in Hollywood.

Mayling Ng Showing off her Themysciran moves from the first Wonder Woman (2017) film

We even got a chance to see some of the really cool Mongal shoes and dolls she put together during the pandemic, showing that there’s more to this action heroine than meets the eye! All I can say is, I really now want one of Ng’s Mongal dolls!

Ng showing off one of her custom-made Mongal dolls she made during the pandemic!

Check out nearly 40-minute interview right here, right now:

Then check out Mayling and the rest of the Squad when The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6!