Adam WarRock Wants to Build a Snowman

I guess it’s Frozen week on the Nerds of Color! Earlier in the week, I mentioned a twitter convo about the movie that I had with Adam WarRock. I (half-) jokingly tweeted that I wanted him to do a song over a “Let it Go” instrumental.

Well, he took it to another level and actually wrote a whole song and released it free for the whole interwebz to enjoy. Though he ultimately didn’t use the Idina Menzel showstopper, the beat from the B.o.B. track” John Doe” is still pretty evocative of the Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez music from the movie.

Here, I’ll let Adam explain why he decided to do the track — plus a link to download — after the jump:


I never had any interest in seeing Frozen. I mean, it’s Disney, it’s animated, so there was the natural interest from that alone. But I guess I didn’t really think much of it. So it came out, and the the gifs started. And then the tumblr flood started. I began seeing so many things about Frozen, that I basically knew the whole plot without ever having read a thing about it. I started following this tumblr, mesmerized by the daily blast of Frozen gifs and media. So I finally sat down and watched it this past week.

And I loved it…

It’s not perfect; nor do I think it’s the “best Disney movie since The Little Mermaid,” as one of my Disney aficionado friends told me. But I think it’s one of the most watchable, fun movies I’ve seen in…years. I think the songs are incredible. And I honestly, truly think that Anna and Elsa are the best protagonists a movie has presented me with in… as long as I can remember. I’m utterly obsessed with Elsa. Seriously. She’s such an amazing character in the construct of a fairy tale.

So if you think you have no interest in seeing Frozen, you’re wrong. Go see it.

“Adam WarRock” in the traditional Disney font is a nice touch.

7 thoughts on “Adam WarRock Wants to Build a Snowman

  1. I wish I was Elsa, lol. I understand her character because I see a lot of myself in her. besides, the cold never bothered me anyway. Seriously. I’d take living in Maine than in Florida any day.

  2. We have been listening to all songs from Frozen. Our daughter loves the music and if I play this for her, I am sure she will dance.

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