Attack the Clones: John Boyega Officially Leading New Star Wars

Minutes ago, Lucasfilm rocked the internet and officially announced the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII, the upcoming continuation of George Lucas’ classic saga, this time from Star Trek director J.J. Abrams. In addition to confirming the long-rumored appearances by Original Trilogy stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher, the announcement also ends months of casting speculation by naming John Boyega (Attack the Block) and Adam Driver (Girls) in lead roles.

Along with the announcement, the studio also sent out this pretty cool photo of the cast and crew chilling on couches made out of dead Ewoks.

We’ve been stoked ever since John Boyega’s name first began swirling around the project. (If you haven’t already, you need to check out Attack the Block asap). And the fact that his name is listed first in the official announcement from Lucasfilm pretty much confirms that his character (whoever it is) will be the face of the new trilogy. And that is beyond exciting!

Can someone please photoshop a lightsaber here?

A quick IMDB search of the rest of the names in the official cast list, though, shows that everybody else is still very white. [UPDATE: it’s just been pointed out to me that Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac is actually Latino. My mistake.] When are we gonna get some Asians in the Star Wars universe? (The Neimoidans don’t count). Also, what happened to the role Lupita Nyong’o reportedly auditioned for? That’s the other thing. Much like the Original and Prequel trilogies, the new Star Wars is still pretty dude heavy since Daisy Ridley is the only other woman named in the cast.

Still, the promise of new Star Wars movies is exciting once again.  The last time nerds were this stoked for the prospect of new movies was back in 1998.  I mean, remember how jazzed we all were when this trailer first dropped?

Then in 1999, The Phantom Menace finally opened, and over the course or three terrible movies, that kid inside who loved this saga so much died a little each time. Star Wars was never the same for me again. After those last three, I didn’t think I could get up for more adventures in that galaxy far, far away. But seeing that black & white photo of the cast, though?  With Han, Leia, and Luke? I have to admit, that kid inside might have reanimated a little.

So yeah, I guess my zombie inner-child and I will be looking forward to Christmas 2015 and more Star Wars after all.