SkyBlew Pays Homage to Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!

“The Ballad of Pigeon Man” — featuring D&D Sluggers and produced by SublimeCloud of The Digi Destined — is the latest single from North Carolina-based emcee SkyBlew. The song pays homage to the classic Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!, a show that had a major impact on SkyBlew’s life and serves as the main subject of his latest album.

Look for the album SkyBlew’s UNmodern Life on sale later this month via the RandomBeats Productions (and yes, that’s Mega Ran’s own record label!)

To learn more about SkyBlew, like his official Facebook page and follow him on twitter. You can also see his guest spot on July’s Ask the NPC Google Hangout (along with our very own Head-NOC-in-Charge).