Warner Finally Unveils its DC Superhero Movie Slate

Looks like Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment have responded to the gauntlet thrown down by the folks at Disney and Marvel Studios. After the nerd community was rocked by the news that Robert Downey Jr. was joining the Captain America threequel, DC hit back with its entire slate of DC-based superhero films for the next five years.

In a special presentation to shareholders, Warner Brothers head Kevin Tsujihara revealed which DC heroes would be getting movies through 2020. Remember, there have been rumblings all year that this ambitious slate of superhero films would be coming out eventually. Now that we know which films will be coming out and when, all I can say is… meh.

I’ve said this before, but Marvel announcements are generally greeted with excitement. But DC news tends to land with a thud. And while it’s a big deal that we are finally getting non-Batman and Superman DC movies — though, we’re still getting those, too — I can’t help but think that there hasn’t been a lot of thought put into the how and the why. DC may have ten movies in the works, but Marvel is still ten moves ahead.

So while the Disney/Marvel conglomerate is still the team to beat in the cinematic universe showdown, what do we think about the entries from the Brothers Warner?

We kind of already knew there would be Zack Snyder-directed Justice League films on the horizon. And we’ve finally received confirmation of the Suicide Squad movie rumors. What was entirely out of left field in the announcement — at least for me — was that they are moving forward with a solo Flash movie, and they’ve already cast the lead role even though a director and screenwriter are not yet attached (because that’s always a good sign).

But, Keith. We already know who’s playing The Flash. Grant Gustin is setting viewing records as the Fastest Man Alive!

While it is true that WB/DC should be basking in the glow of yet another successful superhero franchise on The CW, they have instead chosen to divert your attention to shiny object over here by announcing an “all new” take on your favorite Scarlet Speedster! Indie darling Ezra Miller has been cast to basically redo everything the television series just did so successfully.

Look, I have nothing against the actor — Ezra Miller was fantastic in The Perks of Being a Wallflower — but I’ve been down this road before. Back in 2004, after three successful seasons of Smallville, Warner Brothers announced they were making a Superman movie completely separate from the fan-favorite television series. The result? The atrocious Superman Returns.

Now, I’m not saying The Flash film will be terrible, but by the time it rolls around in 2018, The Flash will have firmly established itself for four seasons and will bring with it a pretty solid fanbase for its cast and story. I said it yesterday, but the small screen DC Universe is already head and shoulders above what the big screen is bringing, and it’s a shame that Flash and Arrow won’t be allowed to play in the same sandbox with Bats and Supes. I know that’s the message that DC has been conveying all along, but we fanboys can be thick, you know?


There are some bright spots in the wave of films that are coming, however. For one, we’re finally getting a live action Wonder Woman movie — though how well Gal Gadot portrays the Amazonian Princess remains to be seen. Also, the surprise announcements of a solo Cyborg movie starring Ray Fisher and a solo Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa1 — along with the already announced Shazam starring Dwayne Johnson — mean that three of the ten upcoming DC movies will be fronted by folks of color!

Here’s also hoping the surprise announcement of another Green Lantern flick means John Stewart will get his shot at the title.

  1. So much for those dreams of Momoa as Captain Marvel, alas. 

12 thoughts on “Warner Finally Unveils its DC Superhero Movie Slate

  1. Okay.

    If Jason Mamoa will be playing Aquaman than Wonder Woman should hook up with him instead of Superman.

    Hopefully they’ll choose John Stewart for Green Lantern. But having a Cyborg movie will also be promising.

  2. Like you, I find the DC news overall not that exciting. I want a true Man of Steel sequel, not a team-up or grudge match. I agree that John Stewart should get a GL movie. He was the first GL I knew about, thanks to watching the animated Justice League with my son.

    Here’s hoping the Wonder Woman film will be good!

  3. The news about the Suicide Squad doesn’t sound very interesting. I’d rather see a live adaption of the Black Lagoon anime, or a reboot of France’s District 13. What’s the appeal on watching a bunch of supervillains act like the Dirty Dozen? At least have it framed like Sam Peckinpah’s “The Wild Bunch”.

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