N.O.C. One-Shot: Shawn Reacts to Fantastic Four

Shawn caught an early screening of the new Fantastic Four movie that’s out in theaters this weekend. Rather than write a traditional review, he had to get his thoughts out on video.

Shawn’s not the only one disappointed by the new take on the FF. The film’s director, Josh Trank, took to twitter to blame studio interference before deleting the tweet. Fortunately, nothing is ever deleted from the internet.

So much for ever getting a director’s cut of the flick.

5 thoughts on “N.O.C. One-Shot: Shawn Reacts to Fantastic Four

  1. You need to fix the audio when you’re playing the film clips. It goes down a lot of decibels.

    I still haven’t watched this film but I’ll still give it a try just to compare it to its predecessors. I’m disappointed that they didn’t just continue after “Rise of the Silver Surfer” because that should have forced every strange thing out of he woodwork. The Mole Man and his armies, Atlantis, Monster Island, the Watcher, etc, should have followed. Investigating strange phenomena is the hook for me, and Fox doesn’t get it.

    1. I watched it today. It was very slow and weak. The characters were underdeveloped in various ways. How we could leave the fate of the world in the hands of these kids (yes – kids)? When the Skrulls come to invade I’m praying Flash Gordon arrives first to shoot them all down. This is not a team I will watch to explore the unknown. Don’t send them to the Moon. Don’t send them underneath the Earth. Don’t send them to the Bermuda Triangle. Keep them in that facility far away from us!

  2. “See it…? Maybe, get high…?” lol

    The trailer had me amped. I really expected this film to rock based on the trailers alone.

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