Southern Fried Asian: Stanley Wong

On the latest episode of Southern Fried Asian, Keith is joined by the hilarious actor/writer/director whose credits include 21 Jump Street, The Big Short, and the award-winning short film Hand Fart, Stanley Wong.

Stanley tells Keith about what it’s like to be considered a “walking stereotype” (4:30). Growing up outside New Orleans, Stanley admits that he didn’t really associate with other Asians in school, until Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift sparked a friendship later in life (17:00). While Stanley’s family also runs one of the top 50 Chinese restaurants in the country, he never felt pressured to follow in their culinary footsteps (19:00). They also discuss what ultimately brought Stanley from Louisiana to Los Angeles and the reality about how much money actors really make (30:00) before figuring out what it really means to be Southern and Asian (36:00). Then they discuss the inspiration behind Hand Fart (45:00) and close out talking about the epic Wong Family Thanksgivings back home in New Orleans (49:00).

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