Talking ‘Mr. Corman’ with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here at The Nerds of Color, we have been blessed to get very special opportunities to talk to some of the biggest and brightest names in showbiz today. But few come bigger and brighter than Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

I must confess, when I first heard I would get the chance to talk to him, I fanboyed out quite a bit! Gordon-Levitt has been in so many of my favorite films of the past two decades as, not only a brilliant actor, but a talented creator as well. Through HitRecord he’s given so many promising young artists the opportunity to express themselves and find success in a cut-throat industry. And through his craft as an actor, we’ve gotten to see some really iconic performances, from the laughs and tears of (500) Days of Summer, to the spectacular hallway fight scene in Inception, and the mind-blowing, hardcore, time-travel brilliance of Looper (forever one of my favorite movies).

With his latest work, Apple TV+’s Mr. Corman, Gordon-Levitt has created a somber, funny, reallistic, whimsical look at adulthood, lost dreams, and the challenges of being grateful in times like our own. And we were afforded the magnificent opportunity to talk to him about this very special 10-episode project, which he created, wrote, directed, and stars in.

And thus, it is with no shortage of pride that I present to you our interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

Mr. Corman debuts only on Apple TV+ this Friday, August 6!