The Army of Dr. Moreau is Available Digitally

Last week, David Walker threw down the gauntlet for folks who say there isn’t enough diversity in comics but may not buy — or even know about — comics and graphic novels by writers and artists of color. If you feel like supporting creators of color and publishers who aren’t “the big two,” you can start with a digital-only book by Walker himself. The third issue of David Walker’s digital mini-series The Army of Dr. Moreau comes out today exclusively on ComiXology.

In The Army of Dr. Moreau, Nazis have uncovered the secret of transforming animals into a human-like army of killers on an unchartered island in the South Pacific. A team of British and American operatives is sent on a search-and-destroy mission. The team quickly find themselves in a nightmarish war with savage animals that think they are men.

Here’s ComiXology’s description of issue #3:

Violence explodes as Metzger and his Nazis search for the Beast-Folk that inhabit the island, but it is just the prelude to a much bigger war that looms ahead. Meanwhile, Zeller discovers the true nature of evil as he and the others make a shocking discovery.

The cost is only 99 cents. You can get the first three issues for less than the cost of a single Marvel or DC book.

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