Web Portal Opens Door for Black Creators

Here at The Nerds of Color, we’re always on the look out for spaces that not only shine a light on the lack of diversity in comics, but actually are doing something about it.

We recently learned about a new web portal that just launched a few days ago. It’s called Peep Game Comix, and its mission is to showcase the work of African American comic authors, artists, and publishers.

Check out their official press release after the jump.

Digital comic book distributor focuses on African American creations

(Ohio)-Peep Game Comix, a web portal showcasing the work of African American creators (authors, artists, publishers) recently launched a beta version of their website. Their main focus is to help digitally distribute comic books by African American creators as well as educate Black comic book fans about the wealth of creative work by our people.

Although the site is in its beginning stages, the concept has gotten the attention of many Black comic book creators in the industry.

Imani Lateef, the owner of Peep Game, sees enormous potential in targeting the “Black Geek” community directly.

“Although the Black comic book fan base is growing, they are still under-served by mainstream publishers,” he says.

“At the same time, there seems to be a disconnect between black consumers and black comic book creators who have quality work that could satisfy this market.”

Peep Game Comix hopes to meet the needs of both comic book creators and fans by first educating them about the wealth of talent that is available. With their “52 Pick Up Campaign” Peep Game is educating fans by showcasing at least one comic book title with a black creator or lead character every week, for 52 weeks (one year).

Secondly, they will offer comic books created by African American creators via their digital comic shop.

Lateef believes the digital medium is the best way to bridge the gap between black fans and black creators.

Although digital comic book sites like ComiXology and Graphic.ly have democratized several of the production and distribution barriers people of color face in the comic book industry, they do very little to showcase and promote African American creators on their sites.

“These websites aren’t like visiting your local Barnes and Noble or library,” Lateef explains. “There is no ‘black’ or ethnic section available. Comic book retailers don’t categorize books this way. So a simple search on ComiXolgy for ‘african american’ or ‘black’ always comes up empty.”

Peep Game Comix, on the other hand, will focus solely on Black Comic book creators and their work. Also, cultivating a primarily black comic book fan base will become extremely beneficial in the long run.

“Just imagine you have a book with a Black lead character,” Lateef says. “Right now, there is no trusted source online where you can guarantee the black fan base will support it. As Peep Game grows its readership, we hope to become that trusted resource.”

Peep Game is currently looking for comic book creators to submit their work for distribution on the website. For submission guidelines and terms visit peepgamecomix.com/submission-guidelines.

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  1. Was interested until I read the term “African American”. What a turn-off to reading this. Black. We don’t call White Americans anything but White,so wtf do we have to have this social setting? Black people,still confused since 1865. Sorry this bothers me in a crazy way.

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