Be Thankful: The New Star Wars Trailer is Here

Those lines around the block you saw this morning? They weren’t Black Friday shoppers. They were folks lining up to get the first tickets to see Star Wars Episode VII next year!

We were taking the Thanksgiving holiday off, but then Disney and Lucasfilm had to go and release the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer on iTunes, and holy crap, I’m a Star Wars fan all over again! You can peep the trailer in the embedded video below.

Seriously, why can’t it be next December already?!

4 thoughts on “Be Thankful: The New Star Wars Trailer is Here

  1. I think it’s so telling that I’m so used to seeing white faces in Star Wars, that I literally do a double take when I realize I see a black face (or quite frankly, any non-white face) on Star Wars that isn’t Billy Dee Williams or Samuel L. Jackson.

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