Bernard Chang is Giving Away Original Green Lantern Corps Art

We are a couple months out from DC Comics’ soft reboot of their entire line up. One of the changes that will be coming this summer is that long time DC artist — and friend of the NOC — Bernard Chang will be shifting from Green Lantern Corps to art duties on Batman Beyond!

To celebrate the Green Lantern Corps fans and reward them for their loyalty for the last two years, Bernard will be giving away original interior art from his run on the book on Instagram!

All you have to do is buy two copies of his last issue, Green Lantern Corps #40, and Instagram yourself with the book at your local comic shop and tag @thebernardchang and your shop. That’s it.

Bernard will be giving away as many panels as he can (around 60-70) to folks who participate throughout the weekend. On Monday, he’ll raffle off the remaining artwork, which will be whole pages that he has already set aside.

So grab selfie stick and swing by your favorite shop as soon as you can! You just might get some awesome original art in the process!

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