NOC Recaps Supergirl: Family Matters

Still playing catch up on our recaps, but I didn’t want to go into the holiday break without talking about what was easily the best episode of Supergirl to date. And that’s saying a lot considering how much I enjoyed the last episode. But the mid-season finale — called “Hostile Takeover” — took things to a whole new level and I can’t wait to see what they have in store once 2016 rolls around! Not to mention the fact that NOC-favorite Lexi Alexander will be helming an ep in the new year.

The finale kicks off mere moments after the events of the previous episode. If you recall, Supergirl encounters her Aunt Astra and her Kryptonian goons on a rooftop in National City. This time, her evil aunt is brandishing the Kryptonite blade she took off Henshaw way back in Episode II: Attack of the Helgrammite. The baddies are able to do this because they’ve fashioned anti-Kryptonite devices to wear on their suits. Supergirl is able to eventually break free but not before Astra gives here a Darth Vader-esque “join me and together we shall rule the galaxy” type speech.

Homicidal alien aunties isn’t the only thing Kara has to worry about. At work the next morning, CatCo is in crisis (on infinite computers) mode after Cat’s personal emails have been hacked and released to the media including the Daily Planet. Cat has a team of lawyers on it, but eventually turns to the Super Friends (Kara, Winn, James) to handle it.

But to be honest, the computer hacking scandal is the least interesting aspect of the episode. Even though “Hostile Takeover” likely references the smarmy board members trying to take Cat’s company away from her, the real hostile takeover that matters is Astra’s plan for Earth. And she isn’t alone. Along the way we learn that Astra is actually married to Non. Though he isn’t the mute brute we remember from Superman II.

Speaking of Alura, Kara has a flashback to Krypton where we learn that she and Astra were actually very close. In fact, they had a secret decoder ring that they used to communicate with one another. Astra tells tween Kara that “Krypton is dying” and that she isn’t a bad person for doing what she’s done. Apparently, Astra was an eco-terrorist on Krypton. Why she didn’t just consult with Jor-El (who was similarly outcast for telling everyone Krypton was doomed) is a question to be asked later, I suppose.

Back at CatCo, the Super Friends are still trying to get to the bottom of the hacking scandal when news reports show a woman hovering over the skies of National City. Auntie Astra is calling out Supergirl!

Remember that this is a television show. Even though they’re on a major network like CBS, to expect a super powered flight in mid-air would be overdoing it. But guess what? They deliver!

Seriously, this is some movie level shit. Back in the days of Smallville, just seeing Clark take to the skies or do anything remotely Superman was not only a rarity, but a once-per-season type deal. Now, they’re giving us effects that are on par with Man of Steel. Just look.

Eventually, Kara gets the upper hand and subdues Astra. She pummels her while she’s down and comes thisclose to pulling a General Zod on her but finally backs off, and the DEO bring Astra into custody. While there, we learn that Astra basically allowed herself to be captured, and the DEO can’t figure out why. Even Hank is unable to get answers because Kryptonians are immune to Martian telepathy. And it’s still awesome that Hank is J’onn.

When Kara confronts Astra in her cell, her aunt tells her that Alura is the one to blame for everything that has gone wrong. She even blames her sister for using Kara to catch her while on Krypton. Kara is interrogating the hologram of her mother and is furious that she was being used. When the computer program is unable to answer her questions, Kara unleashes the full power of her heat vision at it in what is probably the most emotional moment of the series thus far.

This revelation destroys Kara and she is unable to focus when she’s around her “normal” friends. Though the Super Friends finally find evidence to finger one of Cat’s board rivals for the hacking, the victory is little comfort to Kara. Later, Cat invites Kara on to the balcony because she has some questions. The biggest one: is Kara Supergirl?

It’s a perfect scene and sends Cat and Kara’s relationship into some awesomely uncharted waters. Frankly, I’m glad Cat was not only let in on the secret, but that she actively figured it out on her own. Once an investigative journalist…

Sadly, Kara has little time to process this because at that moment, Astra and the Kryptonians’ plans are revealed. They attack Lord Technologies because Max has developed an anti-Supergirl, aka anti-Kryptonian, weapon. The DEO arrive on scene and battle with the evil Kryptonians. Henshaw gets to unleash a little Manhunter too.

Supergirl finally arrives but too much damage has been done. Still, she sees her evil uncle in the battle and the two fly headfirst into fisticuffs. What happens next? We’ll have to find out in the new year.

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