Nicole Walters Talks USA’s New Reality Show ‘She’s The Boss’

She’s The Boss follows Nicole Walters, an ambitious, jet-setting entrepreneur who runs a multi-million dollar marketing empire and her husband, Josh Walters, a quirky and devoted stay-at-home lawyer. The modern-day family is made complete with the couples’ three lovely adopted daughters and Eddie, Nicole’s over-the-top executive assistant and best friend.

Nicole Walters and family in She’s The Boss (credit: USA)

Although Nicole has conquered the business world, she and Josh are learning on-the-fly that parenthood isn’t always as easy as it seems, and the Walters work to juggle family, careers, obstacles, laughter and love. Faced with the never-ending entrepreneur laundry list and all the demands that come with being a wife and mother of three, can Nicole learn to find the perfect balance and truly have it all? The series is produced by Line By Line Media and executive produced by Justin Tucker, Amanda Scott, Sam Sarkoob and Bob Unger.

Nicole is a self-made power woman who became nationally known when she quit her decade long job as an executive for a Fortune 500 company, live online. With a well-thought-out plan, a strong belief in her talents and a deep desire to be her own boss, Nicole left that job and successfully converted her part-time side hustle into a full-time multi-million-dollar personal development and business education empire. Her mission is to inspire people to live life better and to create that lasting legacy that they will be proud of.

I had the immense pleasure of catching up with Nicole to talk her new reality show on USA and the many hats she’s had to juggle throughout it all. You can find our full conversation below.