EXCLUSIVE: Strength in NUMBERS Featuring LIL CRAZED by Joe Hunter

The Strength in NUMBERS train keeps rolling as we unveil the latest “variant” album cover to Chops’ massive Asian American hip-hop movement.

Artist Joe Hunter is back with an album cover for the Twin Cities’ own King in Disguise LIL CRAZED, who just dropped this new track, “That Real Thing,” from the Strength in NUMBERS album with guest vocalist Paul Kim.

After the jump, you can download a high-resolution jpeg of the latest Strength in NUMBERS alternate album cover. Just right-click on the image and save it for your iPhone.

FROM: Minneapolis
KNOWN FOR: Big relationship songs like “By Your Side” with Krystle Cruz, “I’m Good” with Joanlee, and “Just My Type” with Erika David
STRENGTH: Drawing female fans with subject matter, and keeping male ones with lyrical ability.
CHOICE LINE from Strength In NUMBERS: “Do whatever that i can do, to make you feel better like a real man do, cuz everything to me is my kids and you and in addition you believe in my dreams and even a fan too”
ILLUSTRATION BY: Joe Hunter (@Joe_Hunter) ghostbucket.com
Strength In NUMBERS info: CHOPSmusic.com/numbers

Check back with The Nerds of Color tomorrow for more Strength in NUMBERS album covers!

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  1. Gosh.. I love your graphics, and whole ‘retro’ style. Where do you get the inspirations? Are there any sources of your realizations? Would you share them with us?

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