9 thoughts on “The Force is Forever with Carrie Fisher

  1. When Carrrie was shamed by these losers she responded quite eloquently. ”Good looks and youth are not accomplishments…” She was a Queen. She is now one with the force.

  2. Words cannot express my shock over this loss. I saw a video of her when she was on Ellen last month, where she gave a lot of humorous advice to questions from audience members. She was a cinematic treasure in her own right. The galaxy far, far away looks a little empty today. May the Force be with you, General.

  3. I always had a liking for her because, well, as Leia she was a fighting princess and occasionally self-rescuing, not just a prop like women seemed to be in sci-fi flicks for the handsome guy to get in the end. She had smarts and she knew the stakes. Also, as herself, she was just honest and very real–she told things like it was and didn’t play dumb or anything. She had her issues and faced them with humor and realism, and I applaud her for that. Can’t believe she was only 60. Virtual hugs.

  4. Take heart, Jedi Master Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi left his physical form, but still joins us in spirit….and R2-D2 will keep The Princess company until she visits us again….LONG LIVE GENERAL LEIA ORGANA!

  5. God is the force and we are all connected to it.Carrie Fisher is still in existence. We are all souls and cannot really die, we just pass on to a greater existence of never ending light and love. I wish people would believe this instead of believing that we are better than others through religion. John Lennon said it nicely with his song… Imagine.

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