Janina Gavankar Talks About Her New Film, ‘Encounter’

After four years since the last time she stopped by, Janina Gavankar returns to the NOC to catch up on the last few years. She and I discuss the projects she’s completed in that time, including the new film starring Riz Ahmed, Encounter, now available to stream on Prime Video.

In addition to working on Encounter, Janina shares how she spent her time during lockdown, shooting movies and motion capture for video games during a pandemic, the importance of Desi solidarity in Hollywood, and the difference between playing heroes and villains.

She also sings Riz Ahmed’s praises, and describes the process of building backstory for their characters in Encounter. I also fudge with the Star Wars timeline to imagine a Bodhi Rook/Iden Versio crossover. Stranger things have happened in a galaxy far, far away…

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