NOC Recaps Into the Badlands: The Butterfly Effect

Continuing our recap catch up, the penultimate episode of Into the Badlands was clearly the most interesting of the season. And that’s too bad because after this weekend’s season finale, we don’t know if AMC will be bringing the show back for a second one. We hope so since all the pieces are finally in place for an epic showdown between good, evil, and everything in between.

We begin atop the Fort and in the middle of another Sunny/M.K. training sequence. This time, the young colt has had enough of his mentor’s pushiness and Super Saiyans Sunny off the wall! Before our hero plummets to his death, Sunny wakes up in bed next to Veil in a cold sweat. I guess Clippers can have nightmares too. He begins to flip through the stolen Book of Azra and finds an opening that fits his compass. When he places it inside, the needles begins whirling like mad.

Later, Jade makes her first Machiavellian move as the new baroness by convincing Quinn to let her train the Clippers — and even Lydia — to be poppy harvesters. You see, when Widow attacked the baron, she also freed all of his slaves cogs so no one is left to tend to the crops. Tell me again why the Widow is the bad guy? [Hint: she isn’t.]

At the same time, Quinn is rallying his troops to war against the Widow when he has another debilitating headache. It seems the tumor is only getting worse, despite Veil’s medical treatment. Before he goes to see his doctor, he tells Jade to lead his men. Because Jade’s bad like that. Later, as he’s being tended to by Veil, he tells her that Sunny was the one who murdered her family. Whether she believes Quinn is left unresolved. I’d like to think she’s smarter than that. Let’s hope the writers feel the same way.

Back at the Butterfly camp, Tilda and the Widow (who I learned is named Minerva, though I’m not sure if she knows how to transfigurate) discuss M.K. and why she’s been after him this whole time. It turns out that Minerva was able to translate most of the Azran book and learned that M.K.’s superpower is actually killing him.

With this news, Tilda finds M.K. in the woods to tell him about what she’s learned. Unfortunately, Sunny catches them in the act and — despite M.K.’s disapproval — proceeds to take Tilda back to the Fort as the Clippers’ prisoner. One of the Colts who came along starts getting in her face, mocking her, until Tilda goes Mike Tyson on dude’s ear.

Don’t fuck with Tilda.
We learn some more about Azran mythology when Ryder visits his grandfather who happens to be some New Age-y mystic high priest who lives in a remote part of the Badlands. Ryder shows his grandfather M.K.’s pendant and asks about the city depicted on it. The priest — played by sci-fi vet Lance Henriksen –tells him not to worry about it because it’s just an old fable about paradise. After Ryder leaves, though, the priest assembles his men to seek out the “Dark One” among the Baron’s people.

Back in the dungeons, Sunny is about to torture Tilda to get info on the Widow’s whereabouts. Again, M.K. is not happy about this and pleads for mercy. Turns out Sunny didn’t need to torture her because the Widow shows up and it leads to this:

While Sunny and Widow throw down, M.K. is able to release Tilda from her chains but not before the one-eared Colt locks him in the cage and starts kicking the shit out of Tilda. Of course, this doesn’t bode well for the asshole Colt because M.K. cuts himself and lets out the beast, Force-pushing his brethren into a spike that impales him. Oh, young love.

Sunny is temporarily distracted by the commotion, and in that instant the Widow grabs her daughter and flees the dungeon. As M.K. lies passed out on the floor, we see Quinn stalking in the background. I guess he knows about M.K. now?

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  1. Weren’t Quinn’s exact words to Veil something like, “Sunny’s sword killed your parents,” or that they died by Sunny’s sword? Something like that? Here’s hoping that the writers don’t pull the usual “Character just accepts information unquestioning” trope, and Veil actually asks Sunny about this.

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