Wonder Woman, Now the World is Ready For You

After shattering box office glass ceilings with a $200 million global debut, Keith breaks down the latest, and most successful, entry in the DC Extended Universe with two Wonder Women in their own right: N’Jaila Rhee (@BlasianBytch) — who also wrote the official NOC review — and Britney Monae (@HiBritneyMonae). Together they rank Wonder Woman against other comic book superhero movies and why the “No Man’s Land” scene is the best, discuss the problems with the last act of the movie, break down the argument that Gal Gadot is a person of color and/or a Zionist, and determine which Chris is the Ultimate Champion White Actor Dude Named Chris.

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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman, Now the World is Ready For You

  1. stretching by saying that. suicide squad is still my fav, this is number 2. and you have to wait til it finishes its run to say its the most successful which i doubt it will be. LOTS of competition and didnt open huge. will be lucky to make suicide squad money. and its a film starting an ethnicly jew israeli so yeah WOMAN OF COLOR!!!!!

  2. what movie is perfect? any film that you love and is your favorite hence it being your favorite: 1. adventures in babysitting 2. wonder woman animated movie 3. guardians vol 1 4. first wives club 5. supergirl 6. annie 7. clue just to name a few

  3. it wasnt the whole third act that was a problem for me just the fight scene with all its too muchness, bad editing, and that forced “i believe in love” speech. i believe in love too, she’s right here in front of me as i write this ok? but that wasnt earned and where did that come from? where was love during the origin of the amazons, when you were set on KILLING someone lol come on now. and then to choose love and then KILL sweetie no. now lets take a page from mr. perez’s book who also dealt with wonder woman first coming to man’s world and her first villain was ares: she didnt kill him. that little trick he did with her lasso in the movie? she did to him in the comic. THAT is how you choose love and WITH LOVE win, no killing, no violence just open your heart and mind and share with the enemy. they will either run in fear at the shear beauty of it all or bow down and embrace the truth! but if you just want to do some boom boom pow punch im fine with that but leave love out of it. you insulted her enough by having zeus create the amazons instead of aphrodite like chile bye oooh got my blood pressure up. anywho lol that rant aside i love the movie, i just HATE that part like i HATE seeing superman kill (til this day i close my eyes on that moment so i never have actually seen it, no thanks)

  4. they went more with the justice league animated series origin so no contest; yeah could have been more of this character and more of this setting but we didnt write the movie nor were we consulted on the film lol we have to judge on what we were given (i watch the marvel movies for the women ie all two of them so any scene without wanda doesnt exist and is boring) and no dr poison was so not a dragon lady lol what are you on? she dressed as a DUDE people didnt even know she was a woman. she didnt use her sex appeal to get her way lol. and yes a man wrote it but he is a GAY man and we are so not looking at at females like that and our minds dont work that way. i so dont get how your mind went that way.
    and sorry that yall think that ethnic jews are white but they arent so…..sorry she isnt dark enough? guess olive skin is too light to be with the cool kids of color sigh its like the geeks once they got a little power cause of the movies “oh now WE can exclude people like they did us as kids” lol. where is shinhwa’s i pray for you when i need it

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