NOC Review: Oh, I Believe in ‘Yesterday’

The latest from the team that brought you Four Weddings and a FuneralBridget Jones’ Diary, and Love Actually hits theaters this Friday. Will audiences long for Yesterday the same way they swooned for those films? We’re here with the full review!

Before you watch, there is one thing I didn’t address in the video that I also loved about this movie, given we are The Nerds of Color. Yesterday is truly one of those rare examples where the lead is a person of color. It’s absolutely refreshing to see a role that could have easily gone to Chris Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, or Pine actually going to a charming person of color, Himesh Patel, who just kills it and provides a strong film debut, on par with Hugh Grant’s in Four Weddings. And for that I must strongly commend Working Title, Richard Curtis, and Danny Boyle for looking beyond the typical white-male rom-com lead, and introducing us to a multi-talented person of color who can command the screen just as strongly!

Here are the rest of my thoughts:

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