Adam Devine and Nina Dobrev Talk Their Action Comedy, ‘The Out-Laws’

Adam Devine, who is also a producer, and Nina Dobrev star as Owen and Parker in The Out-Laws. The new movie is currently streaming on Netflix.

Owen Browning (Adam Devine) is a straight-laced bank manager about to marry the love of his life, Parker (Nina Dobrev). When his bank is held up by the infamous Ghost Bandits during his wedding week, he believes his future in-laws (Pierce Brosnan, Ellen Barkin) who just arrived in town, are the infamous Out-Laws.

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

“I feel like not a lot of action comedies have someone that’s as inept as Owen, my character, is. So I wasn’t able to take — it was mostly out of my own life, like what a goofball I am and how bad I would be at robbing banks if Pierce Brosnan was my actual in-law,” Devine shared.

“I didn’t have too much action in the movie. I did have one scene that I added, it wasn’t even written, I was just like, ‘It’s an action movie, I have to do some action too.’ So I made them shoot this action thing that we made up on the day and they were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, it looks great. We’re gonna cut it,’ and they did. It’s not in the movie,” Dobrev revealed. “It didn’t make any sense, but it was really sweet that they indulged me.”

Scott Yamano/Netflix ©2023

I spoke with the duo about the action comedy genre, their characters’ dynamic, and more!

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