Southern Fried Asian: Jia Tolentino

On this month’s Southern Fried Asian, Keith sits down with The New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino about her new book, Trick Mirror and life on the internet in the 21st century.

Jia reflects on her book tour and how it feels to promote her work while also combating late stage capitalism (1:30). Later, she talks about meeting readers on tour and the gift and curse of social media (6:45) and the monoculture of the internet (13:30). Then she talks about growing up in Houston in a predominantly white and religious community (18:05) and how her view of Christianity has evolved since she was younger (28:45). They also discuss Jia’s Jezebel article about Rolling Stone’s recanted story involving sexual assault at the University of Virginia, her alma mater, and how the campus’ culture has changed since her time there (39:00). Finally, they reminisce about Houston’s Shipley Do-Nuts and the best biscuits in Charlottesville (47:00).

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