The Madness Continues with New “Doctor Strange” Character Posters

The countdown to the Multiverse of Madness continues! And as with any good MCU marketing campaign, we are getting a good look at our key players with six new character posters for the eagerly anticipated film. Wanna get a look at some really good looking actors on some fabulous looking posters? Then click here for more!

The posters feature Strange, Wanda, Wong, America Chavez, Mordo, and Christine. Wondering why they’re holding back on posters for Professor X, Mister Fantastic, Mephisto, and Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man (That was a joke for all you rumor mongers! None of that is a thing! I’m an idiot! You know this!)

Anyway here they are:

The chaos magic begins when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters May 6!

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