‘Plane’ Stars Daniella Pineda and Remi Adeleke Discuss the Film’s Depiction of Filipinos

Plane hit theaters this past weekend. And if you’re interested to see what we thought of the film, feel free to check out our review here. While it’s no surprise that I’m personally not the movie’s biggest supporter, I do still admire the talent and work of its stars, and was given the opportunity to speak with Daniella Pineda and Remi Adeleke about the movie.

To me, a lot of my issues with the movie revolve around the decision to set it in the Philippines and make the villains of the piece Filipino terrorists. I think I’ve made that known in my review, and it ultimately left me with the desire to at least see what those in the film also thought about the depiction of the country and its people. I’m grateful to Pineda and Adeleke for their time and candid thoughts on the matter, and grateful I was able to ask them about their own personal careers as well.

You can check out what they had to say here:

Plane is now playing in theaters.