Daniel Puig Discusses Being Nathan on The CW’s ‘Naomi’

With shows like Stargirl and now Naomi, The CW is leaning into younger teams, making more “Scooby Gangs,” as it were, for our main heroes and for their audiences to relate with. Nathan, played by Daniel Puig, is one such Scooby member on Naomi, and also happens to be our protagonist’s current love interest.

But will that last long with Anthony in the corner? It is The CW, so alas, there must be some love triangle present. But what if the love interests could connect as friends, as we saw on last week’s episode of Naomi?

We were fortunate enough to speak with Daniel on The Nerds of Color, getting his thoughts on playing Nathan, where he hopes for his character to go from here, and some of his thoughts on current events happening today.

Naomi airs on The CW every Tuesday at 9pm ET.