‘My Adventures with Superman’ Gives Fans Reason to Look Up

Ever since it was announced two years ago, My Adventures with Superman has been one of my most anticipated projects to come out of DC in some time. Initially envisioned as an HBO Max original series, the show will now debut on Adult Swim on July 6 before streaming the next day on Max.

After watching several episodes from the first season, I can honestly say that My Adventures with Superman might be one of the best takes on the Superman story ever put to screen. We’ve seen plenty of Superman origin stories over the years, but we’ve never seen one like this. Like the best Superman stories, it focuses on Clark Kent and Jack Quaid brings a goofy charm to the role.

It’s also refreshing to see a Superman who isn’t over-powered, but is still figuring everything out.

Not to be outdone, Alice Lee brings energy and spunk to a unique interpretation of Lois that sees her as an ambitious rookie at the Planet. Similarly, Ishmel Sahid leans into Jimmy’s nerdiness and excitability to truly make him Clark’s best pal. The chemistry between the three characters puts each on equal footing with one another. Even when Clark is Superman, they’re a team and not just a hero and his love interest and sidekick.

The other thing that sets My Adventures apart from other Superman stories is its clear anime influence. I mean, the first time Clark transforms into Superman is straight out of Sailor Moon! (There’s also something about Clark’s powers that makes me think Electric Blue Superman might be around the corner, too.)

To get a sense of the show’s aesthetic, check out the exclusive clip DC just released on YouTube:

While it has been quite the roller coaster being a Superman fan over the last few months, the last few days have given us hope for the future. Between the Superman: Legacy casting announcement and a fantastic Superman & Lois season finale, the debut of My Adventures with Superman is giving fans another reason to look up in the sky.